Healing Broken Relationships

How to Heal the Broken Relationships in Your Life

Great relationships can bring the most joy to our lives. The wonderful times we spend with our best friend, sister, or significant other can be among our happiest moments. Sadly, sometimes these close relationships can go south. Maybe you said or did something hurtful; maybe they did. Perhaps there’s a difference in your values. Oftentimes, a simple misunderstanding can have explosive effects leading to broken relationships. Regardless of the reason, when it all goes wrong, it can be painful.

How do you heal a broken friendship? How do you mend the relationship with your family member or loved one? In this webinar, we offer advice on how to recover and rebuild, no matter why the relationship broke in the first place. The relationship may make a full recovery, or it may never be the same as before. In some cases, it may be time to move on. But know that you can move forward and find happiness again.

Find out how to heal the broken relationships in your life in our webinar below:

Before you go about healing your broken relationships, you should first determine if it’s worth saving at all. Do you want to have this person back in your life? Do they want to be in your life again? Consider why the fallout occurred, whether you can both find forgiveness, and whether the same issues are likely to arise in the future. You both want to make sure you’ve learned your lessons so as not to end up right where you are now.

If you or the other person did something that upset the other, that must be amended. Own up to it if you’re the one who’s in the wrong. But if the other person was hurtful, you can seek an apology and a conversation about what went down. It’s possible a simple misunderstanding is what led to the breakup. On the other hand, though, this might point to a real difference in values.

Webinar - Broken Relationships

How to Make Amends

In our webinar, we outline all the steps you should take if you’re the one who is in error. How can you genuinely apologize and fix what you broke? How can you show that you’ve changed? Do your best to make amends, but also be ready to accept their decision… even if that means they can’t welcome you back into their life.

Likewise, if they’re in the wrong, you can decide if you’re able to forgive them. How can you communicate why what they did hurt you? How can you explain your conditions moving forward?

Misunderstandings can be harder to spot, but they can be addressed if you have an open and fair conversation. Be prepared to ask each other questions in order to identify and correct the confusion.

Addressing value differences may be the hardest hurdle to overcome. Can you accept someone with wildly different values than you? Should you? Here’s how you can determine what makes sense for your situation.

Finally, realize that recovery is a process. It will likely take many conversations and some time to fully heal. Sometimes, it won’t be enough and will never return to how things were. We offer advice on how to rebuild broken relationships, but also how to let go if that’s the best path.

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