Why is Emotional Intelligence Needed for Effective Writing? - Erin Lebacqz

Why is Emotional Intelligence Needed for Effective Writing?

What does it take to be an effective writer? One of the most important ingredients is understanding your audience, and for that, having good emotional intelligence is key. Most of us can benefit from improving our emotional intelligence, and that work can lead to better writing and greater impact from your words. How can you accomplish all of this? We spoke with Erin Lebacqz about how to up your E.Q. and write better.

Watch our podcast with Erin Lebacqz to learn more about the connection between emotional intelligence and effective writing:

Erin Lebacqz helps you write with clarity, confidence, and emotional intelligence. 

Erin’s curriculum and book, High-Value Writing, capture Erin’s 25 years of experience working with business and academic writers around the world. 

Erin’s interactive sessions engage learners in purposeful discussions that respect their desire for intellectual growth while also providing practical strategies participants can immediately apply in the workplace. 

Erin has trained and taught in the United States and Asia, in the finance, manufacturing and trades, non-profit, higher education, healthcare, and public sectors. 

Clients have included the U.S. Forest Service, the European Commission, UC Davis, DeGorontalo Independent Media Outlet in Indonesia, Wuhan University in China, CalHR, city and county governments throughout California, and international customs agencies. 

To begin our conversation, Erin talks about her background in helping clients in business and academia. She explains how she became an expert at writing and emotional intelligence, and shares how she works with clients to improve both.

For better writing, it’s important to have good E.Q. For many, this may come naturally, but for others, it may require some conscious effort to get better at it. Erin explains how you can evaluate your current E.Q. level and, from there, work on improving it. With a stronger emotional connection and understanding of others’ emotions, you can then write in a way that resonates with your audience. Erin shares her process both for E.Q. and for using it in stronger, more effective writing.

We all face obstacles on our journey to improvement. For many, emotional intelligence is a tough skill to acquire. Writing, too, is a difficult practice that takes years to master. Erin offers her advice for how to get around roadblocks – whether internal or external – on your path forward.

Our podcast ends with Erin’s top actionable tips to tap into greater emotional intelligence and stronger writing.

Listen to our discussion with Erin on E.Q., writing, and more:

To learn more, check out Erin Lebacqz’s official website for High-Value Writing. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube.

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