emotional and social intelligence

What are Emotional and Social Intelligence?

Have you heard of emotional and social intelligence? Do you know how your understanding of the two enhance your life? Emotional and Social Intelligence, or ESI, refers to the competencies linked to self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management, which enable people to understand and manage their own and others’ emotions in social interactions.

We all have different social skillsets and levels of emotional awareness. Likewise, we all have ways we can improve. What are some of the tools that enable you to better understand and manage your social interactions? How can you increase your emotional strength and resilience? Ultimately, what are some of the ways that emotional and social intelligence enhance your life?

Listen to our podcast below for a discussion about emotional and social intelligence between Lynn, Tina, and Rachel. Let us know what you think about ESI and how it impacts you in the comments below.

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