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Lynn Whitbeck

My job is mundane and I’m struggling to find purpose in my life. What are your ideas? – Roberta in Loveland, CO 


TINA: Take a walk, take a breath…listen to your inner voice. Ask yourself questions! I’m not sure this question is as much about the mundane job as it is finding your purpose. Quite simply, what are you doing when you are the happiest? Is there music that makes you smile? Do flowers make you feel happy? Can you incorporate these components within your work environment? Can you find compassion in helping others?

While your job may be mundane, there was a reason that you accepted it. The reason may be as basic as needing to pay the bills. In that case, you made a mature decision which should be applauded. Are there any other positions available within that company? Is there another company that interests you? Set your course for change – while it may take a while to get there, you are taking the first step in controlling your journey.

LYNN: Wow Roberta, this is a loaded question. Start with your passions. What gets you excited? What piques your interest? If you are not sure – pick something that fits in your budget. Volunteer, take a class, join a local club or organization. Check out your local community center for activities and opportunities to in which to participate. Keep trying new things until you find something that makes your heart sing. You’re bound to make some great new friends and learn new skills along the way.


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