Should You Flirt in Order to Make a Sale?

Should You Flirt in Order to Make a Sale?

In our dog-eat-dog world, many people feel that they must use every tool possible to get ahead. This as true in sales as anywhere else. When a study suggests that saleswomen are 20% more successful when they flirt with clients, you can understand why some saleswomen would follow that path. But is being a flirt as lucrative as it seems?

Experienced sales people Lynn Whitbeck, Keith Larson, and Debbie George take on the issue. How does flirting affect your reputation with clients and co-workers? Does it matter whether you’re genuinely attracted to the client? Is the potential benefit worth the risk? Listen for the advice of those who have been there.

What do you think about flirting to close a sale? Is it dated and sexist? Or are warnings against it prudish and impractical? Listen to our podcast, and let us know your thoughts below.
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