How to Manage a Successful, Fully Digital Business

How to Manage a Successful, Fully Digital Business

For the last several years – and especially since the pandemic hit in early 2020 – businesses have been trending towards a digital workforce. But for your digital business to be successful, you’ll need to know what does and doesn’t work for the online setting.

How do you manage a fully digital business, with employees who telecommute from around the world? Entrepreneur and online business expert Genecia Alluora reveals her tips for success here.

Learn how to develop a thriving digital business in our podcast with Genecia Alluora below:

Genecia is a serial entrepreneur and former Miss Universe-Singapore. She is the founder of Soul Rich Woman, the #1 female online business network in Southeast Asia. Genecia also hosts the podcasts “For Women Who Love The F Word” and “Soul Why? Secrets of The Soul Rich Woman Blueprint,” and has appeared in media like Forbes and CNBC.

Kicking off our interview, Genecia shares her incredible journey from her poor childhood, through working hard and acting on invaluable advice, to starting her own businesses. It sounds like a rags to riches story, but one in which our protagonist worked hard for all she’s got. Eventually, Genecia decided to pay it forward, starting Soul Rich Woman to lift up other ambitious women.

Genecia is driven to empower women to go after what they want, to dream big and achieve those dreams. She also talks about the so-called “F word” that plays into her journey to success — and your journey, too. What “F word” is she referring to? Watch or listen to the interview to find out!

Genecia manages a fully digital business, working with remote employees from around the world. (That’s actually a lot like how Petite2Queen is set up!) In our podcast, Genecia reveals what it takes to make a business digital, and how to successfully manage it.

We also turn our discussion the telecommuting. It was already a rising trend, but COVID-19 accelerated it even more. How do you effectively manage employees who work remotely? How can you do so when they live in different parts of the country or different parts of the world? Genecia shares her tips for people and organizations moving in this direction. One hint: It requires hiring the right employees and trusting them to do their jobs.

Genecia has built one of the leading women support groups in Southeast Asia. She explains how her online business model has actually played into this immense success, and how this model can help your own businesses thrive, too.

Listen to our full interview with Genecia below:

Learn more about Genecia Alluora at her official website here. You can also find out about her company, Soul Rich Woman, here. And be sure to tune into her podcasts, podcasts “For Women Who Love The F Word” and “Soul Why? Secrets of The Soul Rich Woman Blueprint.”

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