Invent and Prosper: How to Spark an Idea and Realize Success

Invent and Prosper: How to Spark an Idea and Realize Success

Humans have a natural capacity and desire to create – to invent. Have you ever wanted to indulge this instinct and become a bona fide inventor? Real-life inventors like Hedy Lamarr, Grace Hopper, Deepika Kurup and movie heroes such as Dr. Ryan Stone from Gravity and Shuri from Black Panther make amazing role models, and we can’t blame you if you want to emanate their inventive genius. But how do you go from daydreaming about genius inventions to actually making them? Luckily for you, we found an answer.

We interviewed Michael G. Colburn, the co-founder of Ideas Well Done. This firm focuses exclusively on inventing new products and bringing them to the marketplace. Michael himself has created 25 inventions that have generated millions of dollars in revenue. All of this means he knows how to develop inventions and realize success.

Invent & Prosper

Michael knows that there’s a dearth of guidance on how to invent, so he published
Invent, Innovate, and Prosper: A Step-By-Step Guide to Successful Inventing earlier this year to fill that gap. In our conversation, Michael asserts that by following a creative process, anyone can create useful and meaningful things. You start by learning how to open your mind and marry your conscious and creative minds to identify a problem. From there, you follow the path to the solution. Michael is so convinced that invention is a path that he calls his website Inventing Pathways.

You can learn more about Michael G. Colburn on his Amazon author page here!

Learn how to become the next big inventor by listening to our interview!

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