How to Find Your Purpose & Passions in Life

How to Find Your Purpose & Passions in Life

How do you find your purpose and passions in life? It’s a question many of us grapple with, and it can take years to figure it all out. Luckily, there are some amazing people who have been through it, too, and they’re more than happy to share what they’ve learned along the way. In our latest podcast, Lynn and Amanda are joined by a very special guest, author Tikiri Herath, whose book, My Rebel Dreams, is all about finding your purpose and passions. If anyone is an expert on the subject, it’s Tikiri!

In our conversation, Tikri talks about why it was so important for her to explore and share advice on uncovering your purpose and passions. She offers her top tips on how you can discover your own path, talks about how you can search for inspiration if passions are elusive, and shares her best introspective exercises to help unlock your potential and transform your life.

After you’ve tuned into this exclusive podcast, be sure to pick up her book, My Rebel Dreams, for more.

Listen as Tikiri, Lynn, and Amanda discuss purposes and passions in our new podcast below. Then share your thoughts and questions in the comments – we’d love to hear from you!

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