How to Unlock Your Business Growth via Multiple Platforms

How to Unlock Your Business Growth via Multiple Platforms

The internet is a vast place, but everyone has their favorite site and platforms to spend time on. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, etc., each platform has different features and subcultures on offer. Do you know where your potential clients spend their time? Mastering multiple platforms is the best way for you to reach your future clients where they are. Sales expert Lynn Whitbeck and communication specialist Lesley Nase share the best ways to speak to your ideal audience in this episode of Claim Your Career Crown.

Watch this episode with Lynn Whitbeck and Lesley Nase to discover how to find your next client

Entrepreneurs hire Lesley Nase to get to the CORE of communication because most fail to speak the language of their listener and are missing out on connections, relationships and resolutions to maximize success. So, she helps break down barriers to leverage conversations, for collaborations and conversions.

Lesley is the Creator and CEO of ‘Intuitive Animal Healing’ a Communication Specialist, a Spiritual Advisor for C suite CEOs with a certification in CORE Communication for businesses. She is the host of the ‘Client Whispers’ podcast and TV show on the Billionaires Network and Pelucha TV. Lesley is the host of ‘Books, Yarns & Tails’ TV show that streams on Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku.

Where does your audience hang out?

Lynn and Lesley begin their conversation with a few definitions. What counts as business growth? What benchmarks matter? And what do they mean by “multiple platforms”? With this discussion done, they are able to continue to the meat of the day’s topic.

Next, Lynn and Lesley explain how using multiple platforms can grow your business. Being able to reach your potential clients where they are is vital. Knowing that different niches gather in different virtual spaces – and that most people occupy multiple spaces – allows you to get yourself in front of them.

So, how does one use a variety of platforms to grow their business? Lynn and Lesley close the conversation by sharing their secrets on the best ways to get started. As always, knowing your audience is a key component to business growth success. Why don’t you try your hand at a new platform to reach your potential clients today?

Listen to this episode discover the benefits of mastering multiple platforms to boost your sales

To learn more, check out Lesley’s official website here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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