How to Recover From Addiction and Get Your Life Back - Dr. Cali Estes

How to Recover From Addiction and Get Your Life Back

So many people suffer from an addiction, or have a loved one who does. And yet, despite the numerous people facing addiction, it’s not something people always feel comfortable talking about or know how to discuss. Moreover, it can be incredibly difficult to overcome, and when treatments and attempts at quitting don’t work, what do you do? We spoke with Dr. Calie Estes about her alternative path to recovery – one that works and lasts.

Dr. Cali Estes is an addiction recovery coach and life coach who has appeared in media like NBC, CNN, CBS, The Huffington Post, HBO, People Magazine, and more. She currently works as a private practitioner.

In our new interview, Cali starts by helping us define addiction. How do you know if you’ve developed a dependency? It isn’t just about drugs or alcohol; people can also develop addictions to shopping, gambling, sex, food, exercise, working, and more.

Once you’ve determined you have a dependency, what are the first steps to overcoming it? She explains what a path to recovery looks like and how an addiction coach – like herself – can help with that.

Cali then dives into the different types of treatment available and how her own addiction coaching differs from others. Programs function in a variety of ways, and it’s important to find one that works for you.

Even if you don’t have an addiction yourself, you may know someone who does. Many of us at Petite2Queen have had loved ones who suffered from a dependency, and it’s hard to know how you can support or help them. Cali shares her advice on how you can be a positive presence in your loved one’s path to recovery.

Finally, we discuss some misconceptions around addictions and get at the truth about dependencies.

How to Recover From Addiction and Get Your Life Back

Before we dive into the podcast, be sure to learn more about Dr. Cali Estes at her own website and her addiction coaching site.

Do you want to learn more about addiction and a solid path to recovery? Listen to our interview with Dr. Cali Estes below:

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