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3 Magic Keys for Your Brand: Marketing, Motivation, and Mentoring

When developing your brand, there are three magic keys you need to consider: marketing, motivation, and mentoring. How do these apply to your brand? How can you infuse your branding with all three? We spoke with Beth Hendricks on these powerful elements and how to communicate them in all aspects of your business.

Watch our podcast with Beth Hendricks to learn all about these magic keys now:

Beth Rigby Hendricks first worked for her father at his law firm while she was in high school and college. She majored in business and minored in accounting. Then, after having three boys with her husband, she got her MBA in an executive program, graduating with high honors and being nominated to Phi Kappa Phi National Honor Society and Beta Gamma Sigma.

Beth has taught business and analytics classes for 40 years, 32 of those at colleges and universities. She has received numerous awards for her teaching and mentoring of students. She wrote and published an integrated marketing communication book and has had her research published in professional journals.

Currently, Beth works as a business consultant and marketer. She also has an online marketing course on Marketing, Motivation, and Mentoring. This course delves into the basics of marketing, including promotions and advertising. It also explains some of the theories of motivation and mentoring, which are both important to build your brand.

Impactful Branding

We begin our conversation with a dive into Beth’s past. She describes her professional background of teaching business and analytics and how she now offers online marketing courses. Beth is an expert on these theories and branding.

What is the process that goes into developing a clear and impactful brand? Beth says that good branding should communicate the pillars of marketing, motivation, and mentoring. Here, she breaks down what each of those means and how they relate to your brand. Beth also shares some of the obstacles you may face and how to get around them.

Our podcast ends with Beth’s top actionable tips to utilize those three magic keys in your branding for greater impact.

Listen to our podcast with Beth for more about marketing, motivation, and mentoring:

To learn more, check out Beth Hendricks’s official website here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Please find her survey here.

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