How Uniting Sales and Marketing Crafts a Winning Strategy

How Uniting Sales and Marketing Crafts a Winning Strategy

Do you wonder how you can craft a winning strategy for your company? The most effective way to achieve this goal is by uniting sales and marketing to work together and complementarily to one another. This may sound easier said than done, but we have expert tips to share with you on our latest podcast. We spoke with Dave Wakeman, a “Revenue Architect” who has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Watch our podcast with Dave Wakeman to discover how to align sales and marketing into a winning strategy:

Dave Wakeman’s work has taken him around the world and back. He has experience working with some of the world’s biggest brands like American Express, Google, Coca-Cola, Nike, the Boston Red Sox, Madison Square Garden, and over 150 other top organizations. Dave’s work has been cited in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, US News & World Report, and The Washington Post. The BBC called him “The King of Tickets” for his expertise on marketing and selling live events to audiences around the world. Partners have called him “The Revenue Architect” for his work creating strategies that penetrate new markets, profitably.

We start our discussion with something particularly interesting: Dave completed a major sales and marketing research study last year, and here, he shares what he discovered, as well as the findings that surprised him the most. This is a fascinating study and very relevant to where sales and marketing are at now. How will Dave’s findings affect sales and marketing in the coming months and years?

Perhaps we should take a step back first. Why do sales and marketing need to work together to craft a winning strategy? These two pillars are closely related, despite their differences. What do the two gain from each other? How can one positively influence the other? How can aligning the two lead to bigger and more consistent results? Dave shares his insights.

Dave also explains how mapping your customer journey will reveal gaps and opportunities to grow your business. It’s easy to think you know your customers, their pain points, and so on. But when is the last time you mapped your customer journey? This simple but vital exercise can lead to some impactful breakthroughs. Never underestimate the power of a good customer journey map. It is important to deliver value at every phase of the customer journey, and Dave examines why that is here. Moreover, he offers advice on how sales and marketing can collaborate to make it happen.

How does the sales funnel all fit together… lead generation, lead nurture, buyer readiness, closing the sale? There are several important steps, but what is the right order? How does each step impact the others? The sales funnel is straightforward in some ways, but it’s also more nuanced than you might think. Dave shares valuable insights on it here.

Our podcast ends with Dave’s top piece of advice for sales, marketers, business owners, and entrepreneurs to put into place right now. Listen to our episode below to find out what that tip is!

To learn more about how you can unite sales and marketing effectively to create a winning strategy, listen to our podcast with Dave:

To find out more about Dave Wakeman, visit his official website here. You can also follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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