How to Win Friends and Build Influence with Gatekeepers

How to Win Friends and Build Influence with Gatekeepers

Receptionists: They’re often the first person seen and the last person considered. However, a smart saleswoman will recognize them for the power they have. Receptionists, like personal assistants and coordinators, are gatekeepers. Gatekeepers can be the difference between you connecting with your potential buyer and being shown out the door. Indeed, it won’t matter how well you can sell your product as something desirable and world-changing. Your commitment to making your client’s life easy won’t save you, either. You can be the best salesperson in the world, but alienating a gatekeeper nearly guarantees failure.

This podcast answers the questions, How do you get on a gatekeeper’s good side? and How can you prove to them that you are worthy of their business’s time? We show that it starts with remembering that every person in an organization deserves respect and kindness. Be sure to listen on for how to proceed from there!

This podcast shares tips on how to charm gatekeepers and get your foot in the door. Listen below to learn more, and be sure to share your own ideas in the comments!

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