Why You Need to Be Repurposing Your Content… and 5 Ways to Get Started Today

Why You Need to Be Repurposing Your Content… and 5 Ways to Get Started Today

Creating fresh marketing content to expand your reach, engage your audience, and close sales is not the easiest of tasks. As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate, and it often becomes challenging to create fresh, unique content. But did you know you can cut the effort in half simply repurposing your content? By repurposing every piece of content you create in multiple formats, you still achieve your sales targets and grow your client base… and do so more efficiently!

When you repurpose and refresh your content, you expand your reach, leverage your expertise, and see your business grow quickly. Repurposing your content helps scale your authority, results, and sales.

Your prospects consume content in lots of different ways. For example, sometimes they want to listen to a podcast, and on other occasions, they may want to read an article. Furthermore, they’ll need multiple exposures before your message sticks. By repurposing your content, you serve them exactly what they’re looking for without exhausting your resources.

Where to Begin?

To kick things off, you need to create a rocking piece of content. Make sure you have a content piece that aligns with your Client Why. You should have a close understanding of what your clients need, want, or lack. Keeping your Client Why in mind, your content should solve a problem for them, address an area of concern, or answer a particular pain point.

When your content aligns with your Client Why, it triggers interest, and your audience starts consuming your content in their preferred form.

You can then repurpose it in several ways to help with:

✅Building authority and proof
✅Expanding your audience
✅Creating new products (a course, a book, etc.)
✅Increasing sales

So, when you have this great piece of content, what options have you got to repurpose it in many different ways? Let’s find out!

5 Methods for Refreshing and Repurposing Your Content

While there could be many opportunities to repurpose and refresh different types of content to expand your reach and grow your sales, given below are the five most effective ways to do it.

1. Blog Posts

Blog posts offer a great opportunity to repurpose and refresh your content. While you can refresh your high-performing posts by replacing any outdated content with minimal data updates and news, you can also repurpose your content for use on various platforms.

For instance, you can have your content published in outside publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur and then publish it on your own website with attribution to the original publication. It will help build your authority, and you can leverage this authority and expertise to expand your reach.

2. E-Books

You can always combine your blog posts to create a product, like an e-book, that you can use for lead generation. Put all your content on a particular topic in a book and give your audience everything they’re looking for in a single format. Make sure you offer some additional value to grab attention.

3. Infographics

Not everyone is interested in text-based content. So, you need to look beyond text-based transformations and repurposing.

Choose key pieces of information from your written content and convert them into infographics to appeal to visually-oriented audiences. You can share this bite-sized information across your social channels to expand your reach and engage better with your audiences.

4. Videos

It may be a bit more demanding to repurpose your video content, but it’s totally worth it.

You can repurpose your existing video content into short videos that could be used in social posts and adverts. You may also share these mini-videos in an email series or transform them into GIFs to use in blog posts or on Twitter.

It is also possible to extract audio from your videos and share it as a podcast.

5. Social Posts

The opportunities for repurposing content for social media are endless. For example, a quote in one of your blog posts may be used as a Facebook post, or you may use video snippets from your existing content as your Instagram or Facebook story.

If you conduct any webinars, for instance, you can share video snippets from them across your social channels. This repurposed content will help draw people to your great original content, expand your reach, and grow your client base.

Repurpose Your Content & Grow Your Client Base

Every single piece of content you generate becomes your sales asset. You’re speaking directly to your audience, you’re aligning with their Client Why, you’re solving a problem, you’re addressing a concern, and you’re working through a pain point for them. So, it matters to them.

You can use these pieces of content in your outreach and your follow-up as part of your sales strategy. This single piece of content, when done right and answering the Client Why, will give you multiple dividends, paying back over and over again. You can reuse and leverage this single piece of content to grow your client base.

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