How Your Unique Brand Vibe Promises a Competitive Edge - Steph Shinabery

How Your Unique Brand Vibe Promises a Competitive Edge

A number one strategic sales planning priority is inserting yourself into your brand. When you think about a specific company, what comes to mind? Most likely, it’s related to their branding – their values and mission, the kinds of clients or customers they serve, and how they want to make an impact. What does your brand say about you? If you get your brand vibe right, it can make the difference between gaining and losing a prospect. We spoke with Steph Shinabery about how to develop and communicate your brand… and how this can ultimately give you the competitive edge.

Watch our podcast with Steph Shinabery for a crash course in Strategic Sales Planning and crafting a unique brand vibe:

Steph Shinabery is The World’s Best Possibility Coach, a Nurse Anesthesiologist, Artist, Speaker, and the Founder of GENIUS CODE ACADEMY.

After spending much of her life in a career that lacked the inspiration and fulfillment she knew was available to her, she began a journey to answer the question: “What is it I truly desire?”

Her journey led to creation of the Genius Identity Code®, a process for unlocking your gift, purpose, and path, and helping people see, believe, and execute their unique genius to achieve miraculous outcomes. 

Steph works with creative experts, entrepreneurs, and coaches to help them embrace their authenticity and create their unique brand vibe to cut through the noise to stand out online.

You can find her talk, “Wake Up Your Genius Machine,” on Amazon Prime Video’s Speak Up: Empower Your Ideas, Season 4.

The Competitive Edge

To begin our discussion, Steph shares a bit about her background. She describes her work as a nurse anesthesiologist, how she became a coach, and how she founded Genius Code Academy. Her mission is to help others, and she’s developed a key process to do just that: the Genius Identity Code®, a process for unlocking your gift, purpose, and path. Steph explains how that works and how she aids her clients in it.

This leads to her work in helping others develop a unique brand vibe. In unlocking your Genius Identity Code®, you can then uncover the kind of branding that would work best for you and your business. This can elevate you and your organization, giving you the competitive edge.

Like all of us, Steph has faced her share of obstacles. She reveals some of the internal and external roadblocks she overcame, as well as the kinds of obstacles she helps her clients work around. With the right perspective and process, we can succeed despite the odds!

We end our conversation with Steph’s top actionable tip to get started now.

Listen to our podcast with Steph strategic sales planning and for more about understanding yourself and quality branding:

To learn more, check out Steph Shinabery’s official website and the one for Genius Code Academy. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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