How to Infuse Your Brand With Social Responsibility - Marla Diann

How to Infuse Your Brand With Social Responsibility

You may think your business must focus only on growing, getting better, and being a good workplace for your employees. But in reality, your business also has a social responsibility, and your branding is key in communicating that. We spoke with Marla Diann, an international business strategist, about how to make sure your brand demonstrates social responsibility. 

Watch our podcast with Marla Diann to learn how social responsibility plays into your business:

Marla Diann is an international success coach and business strategist for creatives. With over 30 combined years of entrepreneurship, personal growth, professional development, mentoring, coaching, training, entertainment PR & talent management, and personal branding, Marla Diann embodies authenticity, empowerment, vulnerability, and creativity. With 25+ years as a creative entrepreneur of two businesses, Marla imparts intuitive and practical wisdom to her audience.

She is known for being an advocate and transformational coach in the area of wealth consciousness and your money relationship to upgrade your worth and dignity. Money habits, behaviors, and mindset are deeply rooted, requiring a recalibration in order to create better results. She intuitively uses the transformation of your money relationship as a catalyst for change in all parts of your life.

Most of know what it means to be socially responsible on a personal level. But what is social responsibility in terms of brand? Marla gives a valuable explanation so listeners can envision what socially responsible branding looks like.

But maybe you’re skeptical about this whole topic. Why should companies concern themselves with social responsibility? Is it about what’s morally right, or would companies see direct benefits, too? Marla offers her perspective on why this is important more generally… and why your business may see other benefits beyond the warm, tingly feeling of altruism and doing good.

Now that you’re onboard, how can we actually do social responsibility? What goes into it? Marla shares excellent ideas so you can get started now, outlining the steps you’ll need to take to achieve your branding goals.

We end our discussion with what questions you should ask yourself about your own company and brand. Tune into our podcast to find out Marla’s final advice!

For more about branding and being socially responsible, listen to our conversation with Marla below:

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