Stay-at-Home Mothers: Return to the Work Force with a Vengeance

Stay-at-Home Mothers: Return to the Work Force with a Vengeance

For new moms, the choice to stay at home with their babies is a tough one.  There are pressures that weigh down on the new mother from all angles. A post on “The Biggest Surprise About Going Back to Work After Being a Stay-at-Home Mom” talked about the reality of moms who are going back into the work force:

On one hand, she may have a spouse who wants her to provide and nurture solely for her child/children; on another hand, she may personally desire the significance of having her own career and place in the working world; or she and her spouse may simply need two incomes to live comfortably in today’s society.

Once the decision is made to become a stay-at-home mother, a lot of women feel like a part of them, the career woman, has to disappear. There is a common misconception that those women who choose to stay home after giving birth forfeit a career all together. It is assumed that after months or years of not working and not actively building a career, there is a slim chance of ever returning into the workforce with any kind of backing or qualification.

Well, times – they are a changing! In today’s society, the skills that a woman incorporates into her life as a stay-at-home mom are actually sought out by most employers. 

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A stay-at-mom is the CEO of her family.

A CEO or an Executive takes it upon themselves to run the company, making sure it survives and lives to wake up another day. A CEO, like a mom, takes care of everyone.

She is the leader, the director, and the manager who juggles task after task after task. She hones in on nurturing skills that she naturally practices every day. She uses prioritization and categorization to manage the day-to-day schedules.

A stay-at-mom is a stress manager.  

Another important skill that stay-at-home moms master through constant practice is stress-management. This is a huge one. Most employers, during the interview process, are interested in how well their potential employee handles a stressful situation. Moms are old pros at managing stress, because there is no better test than a screaming infant or a demanding toddler.

A stay-at-mom knows how to build relationships.  

Stay-at-home mothers also practice a great deal of relationship building. There are play dates, moms groups, and preschool meet-ups where a mom is interacting with other peers. Moms are often role models for their child’s development of good social skills. Moms learn to be patient with others. Moms appreciate others for their strengths and make people feel special and important.

A stay-at-mom knows how to make decisions. 

Stay-at-home moms should be proud of the decisions that they have made. They can enter the workforce with pure confidence, knowing that they now represent sacrifice, determination, patience, passion, and heart. And when interviewing for that new job, they should point out the new skills they have come to learn in their time as a stay-at-home mother. Those skills are unique and most of the time not teachable. When asked about previous positions, a stay-at-home mom can simply say she wears multiple hats and has had too many to list.

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If you’re a mom and want to go back to work, there are some simple tips you need to remember. The best way to get yourself back in there is preparation first:

Ready your resume.

Professional Resume Writers’ article on “5 Tips to Create a Powerful Functional Resume” highlighted the need to use a functional resume instead of a traditional one. This kind of resume is good for those who have employment gaps, since it highlights skills and competencies.

Rehearse interview questions.

20 Tips fro Great Job Interviews” by Experis tells the same. Preparing for the common interview questions can give you that edge of answering with ease. It’s also so easy to know how and what to answer on questions that are already familiar. Plus, preparing ahead on questions can also help with interview jitters.

Never forget to dress for the part.

Dressing for an interview makes a person stand out because the right attire shows that you are professional. “What is The Importance of Appearance on a Job Interview?” explains that dressing the part is an impressive move because this tells how much you have researched about the company, and that you acknowledge their culture.

Stay-at-home moms are good at what they do. And best believe that they will rock going back to work too!

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