Quote-to-Cash Process

The Basics of the Quote-to-Cash Process

There are many processes that you use to track your business’s well-being and future possibilities. One of them is something that you should be more familiar with: the quote-to-cash process.

This is a more holistic process than some in the business world, because it includes multiple departments and multiple steps in the customer fulfillment journey. It takes in sales and marketing, all the way through accounts receivable. And what it does is highlight how interconnected all of these are, and how much responsibility those various departments have to understand and inform one another in order to reduce errors and streamline the process.

This process continues from the beginning all the way through collection of the account. It also continues through allocation of that cash. Along the way, there are numerous options for technology to help you streamline what you’re doing in various departments. So what does that look like? This graphic explains it.

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The Basics of the Quote-to-Cash Process

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