how to handle pay-to-play clients

How to Handle Pay-to-Play Clients

In sales, you meet all kinds of prospects and clients. Depending on your industry, you may run into so-called pay-to-play clients. As the name suggests, these are potential clients who require some form of payment before you can participate in a particular business activity. But isn’t that shady? It depends on who you ask. Lynn and Tina have both dealt with their fair share of clients, and they weigh in with their thoughts on pay-to-play clients.

Should you steer away from pay-to-play activities, or should you consider them opportunities? Is it possible to maintain professional ethics in a pay-to-play scenario? What if the payment is in the form of a donation to a charitable cause?

Lynn and Tina cover all types of pay-to-play clients scenarios. Hear their advice in the podcast below.

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