The Spam Trigger Words You Need to Avoid

The Spam Trigger Words You Need to Avoid

You put a lot of effort into making your email campaigns and newsletters perfect. You do the research, double- and triple-check the wording and formatting, and expect a certain amount of engagement from your audience. But what if your emails are repeatedly ending up in the dreaded spam folder? How can you make sure your emails make into the right inbox and are actually seen? We’ve been asked this question before, and actually faced a similar challenge ourselves. Despite taking the obvious steps to ensure our emails didn’t look spammy, some of our messages were being mis-marked as spam – even internally within our own team. So what was the deal? It started with spammy trigger words.

It turns out that spam filters are very strict, and even using a certain word in the subject line can send your email into the spam dungeon. There are trigger words you’ll want to avoid using in the subject line. Certain colors are also off-limits. Even the text-to-image ratio of your email can affect its categorization.

Want to learn more? Check out our FREE resource below. It contains all the tips and best practices, plus a full list of the spam trigger words you need to avoid if you want your emails to be opened and read.

Get our FREE Spam Trigger Words resource below:

We hope the free resource is a valuable asset to your company. By following those simple guidelines, your email campaigns and newsletters should make it into the right inboxes.

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