Entertainment Industry - How to Break In and Succeed

Entertainment Industry: How to Break In and Succeed

We recently had the opportunity to speak to Vicki Fenton, the Vice President of Core Services at Viacom, the American media conglomerate. Vicki is responsible for facilities, construction, real estate, and special events for Viacom’s West Coast Headquarters. In our new interview, Vicki reveals how she got started in the entertainment industry and climbed the corporate ladder. With her years of experience, Vicki know what it takes to pursue your dream job. She shares advice for women interested in pursuing a career in film and television.

Vicki got her start in Columbia College in Chicago, but later moved to Los Angeles. That’s where she got her big break and worked her way up in the entertainment industry. Eventually, Vicki moved into the animation side of TV production, but her climb up the corporate ladder wasn’t without its challenges! However, she persevered, and Vicki reveals how she overcame the challenges to find success.

Now at Viacom, Vicki works primarily with Nickelodeon, diligently ensuring that Nickelodeon appeals to a new generation of children.

At this point, Vicki knows the secrets to breaking into the career you want. Luckily, she’s here to share them with you! You won’t want to miss this illuminating interview!

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How can you, like Vicki, pursue a career in film and TV production? Listen to our podcast interview below to hear her advice!

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