How to Develop the Courage to Have the Career You Want

How to Develop the Courage to Have the Career You Want

Recently, Chelsea Behrens hosted a video interview series, Leading With Authenticity, to share advice about how to have a career that lights you up. Her series brought together more than 21 experts, including our CEO and founder, Lynn Whitbeck. Together, Lynn and Chelsea talked about authenticity in the workplace and finding courage and confidence in yourself. They discussed expert advice on how to dial in on what you want, create daily habits that empower you to make actual transformation, and how to shift your mindset to take action.

In their new interview, you’ll learn about:

  • Understanding what’s holding you back
  • How to minimize and manage self-doubt
  • Speaking up with confidence and assurance
  • Responding to weird questions with poise and grace
  • How to find clarity to move forward
  • Cornerstones of success

Walk away inspired, motivated, and educated as you begin a new journey to a passion-filled career and authentic life!

Watch the full video interview below:

Looking for more? We have one more resource that will help you in your career. Download a FREE copy of Lynn’s PICKLE method below. With this guide, you’ll always be ready to move the conversation forward and past the pickle.  All you have to remember is:

  • Pause and gather yourself before responding
  • It does not matter why they asked this oddball question
  • Control your emotions – no eye rolls or frustrated sighs
  • Keep in mind that this is a team member
  • Let go of any attitude or annoyance and respond in a professional, courteous, and friendly manner
  • Express your answer with honesty and civility, no matter how silly the question

Download our free PICKLE guide below:

Learn more about Chelsea Behrens here.

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