How to Create Work-Life Balance While Living With an Invisible Disability - Jill D Griffin

How to Create Work-Life Balance While Living With an Invisible Disability

Work-life balance is important for all of us, but especially for anyone living with an invisible disability or undiagnosed disability. How can we foster balance in our workplace and persona life? We spoke with Jill D. Griffin about why it’s so essential and just how to achieve balance.

Watch our podcast with Jill D. Griffin to learn about working with an invisible disability:

Jill D. Griffin is a career strategist and executive coach. She has spoken at AdWeek, the Digital Media Summit, SheKnows Media Event and she has given talks to the marketing team The New York Times, Hearst, and Conde Nast. She was a founding member of the 212 Digital Advertising Club (and was honored as a visionary at the 10 year mark), she was listed as Advertising Agent’s 25 Women to Watch, she’s won Adweek’s Media Planner of the Year twice, and she was shortlisted at the Cannes Media Festival. Jill also hosts The Career Refresh Podcast and is an executive career and Gallup® certified Strengths Coach. She has over 20 years of experience coaching and building company cultures.

We begin our discussion with Jill’s journey to becoming a career strategist and executive coach. Jill reveals why she is specifically interested in discussing the careers of people with invisible or undiagnosed disabilities.

Jill describes how having an invisible or undiagnosed disability can affect one’s career. There are certain struggles that can arise, especially when co-workers aren’t understanding about your disability. How can people with invisible or undiagnosed disabilities manage their careers? Jill offers some advice for maintaining boundaries and control in different scenarios.

Of course, it shouldn’t be entirely up to those with disabilities. Employers must also ensure that their working environments are accommodating for people with invisible or undiagnosed disabilities. How can they do that? Jill shares her tips.

Work-life balance is highly important for anyone with an invisible disability. Jill explores why it’s so vital and how people with disabilities can manage it. Finally, Jill talks about the kind of mindset work people can do to deal with disability and work trauma.

Listen to our podcast to discover how those with an invisible disability can achieve work-life balance:

For more about Jill D. Griffin, visit her official website and be sure to tune into her podcast, The Career Refresh. You can also keep up with all her latest updates by following her on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

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