How to Overcome Trauma and Burnout and Recover Your Life's Purpose

How to Overcome Trauma and Burnout and Recover Your Life’s Purpose

Trauma and burnout are serious matters, yet it can be so easy for people to push through them and ignore them, instead focusing on moving forward. But what happens when they go unchecked for too long? We spoke with Natasha C. Dewhirst, a woman who developed chronic fatigue and ended up in a wheelchair due to the burnout she’d incurred. Though a horrifying experience in itself, this also led to Natasha not only recovering her own health, but also discovering her life’s purpose. In our new podcast, she describes her own experience, why so many women around the world are burned out, and how she’s working to help women recover.

Learn about Natasha C. Dewhirst’s experience and how you can overcome burnout in our new podcast:

Natasha C. Dewhirst is an Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and ILM Accredited Wellbeing Coach specializing in burnout. After surviving a traumatic childhood, Natasha developed PTSD and Chronic Fatigue, and ended up in a wheelchair. But after healing herself, Natasha now pays it forward and helps other women overcome faulty childhood beliefs and burnout, and instead reclaim their lives.

Kicking off our interview, Natasha candidly shares her own experience, starting with the traumatic events she lived through as a child. These experiences shaped her understanding of and response to everything around her, and led to habits that followed her into adulthood. Ultimately, Natasha lacked self-trust, had a weakened immune system, and became burnt out.

Natasha describes the day everything came to a culmination and she was unable to get out of bed. She reveals how she went through months of doctor’s visits before she got her diagnosis: Chronic Fatigue.

These symptoms and events, bad enough as they were, further impacted Natasha. In our podcast, she shares how it affected her self-perception, her family life, and her career.

From Trauma and Burnout to Recovery

Thankfully, Natasha was able to turn this around. It was a long road to recovery, but she was able to navigate it. She talks about that journey, her driving motivation, and those first steps she took to recover.

Natasha’s experiences are parallel to what many other women experience. Why are so many women burnt out? As Natasha explains, women tend to take on more roles than men do. Expecting women to have it all and be everything sets them up to overexert themselves. It also doesn’t help that women are so often conditioned to be agreeable, even to their own detriment.

As we discuss in our podcast, learning to say “no” is an invaluable, necessary skill. Likewise, your mindset is more powerful than you may realize, and affirmations can be incredible helpful.

Our conversation ends with how Natasha ultimately got into helping other women overcome troubled childhoods, burnout, and other situations similar to the kinds of experiences she had. She shares the significance of helping other women recover and find their own inner power.

Listen to our podcast with Natasha Dewhirst below to discover more about how you can recover from trauma:

To learn more about Natasha C. Dewhirst, visit her official website here.

Is it possible you’re burned out? You can find out by taking Natasha’s 2-minute burnout quiz here. If you are, be sure to sign up for Natasha’s “Undo Overwhelm and Burnout” master class. This live masterclass is available each month for free; sign up here.

Finally, for more from Natasha, you can follow her on Instagram here.

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