7 Ways to Practice Self-Care (Even When You Feel Burned Out)

7 Ways to Practice Self-Care (Even When You Feel Burned Out)

Self-care is so important, yet many of us don’t practice it enough, especially when we need it the most. How can you take care of #1 (that’s you!) even when you’re feeling burned out? Even when you’re so busy that just the thought of adding one more item to your to-do list stresses you out? We’ve all been there… and continue to be there. But we’ve learned some tricks along the way. In our new podcast, Amanda and Rachel share some of their best tips to guide you to a consistent self-care routine – no matter what life throws at you.

First, we start with a description of what self-care is, what it includes – and doesn’t include – and how practicing it can help improve your mental health and general well-being. With all its benefits, why is self-care so hard to keep up? It turns out, practicing it can be pretty difficult! Especially when you’re super busy and feeling burned out! Luckily, you CAN get self-care back into your routine, no matter how busy you are. It may start with some self-soothing, a time-out, and some tentative baby steps, but it’ll get you to your end goal.

In the end, prioritizing you and your self-care will lead to less stress, less burnout, and more energy to tackle each day. It’ll help with your time management, work-life balance, and overall outlook.

Don’t believe us? Just check out this preview of 7 tips to get self-care into your busy routine, no matter how burned out you feel:

7 Ways to Practice Self-Care (Even When You Feel Burned Out) from Petite2Queen on Vimeo.

Are you ready to finally get self-care into your everyday life? Listen to our podcast below!

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