How to Overcome Trauma and Improve in Love and Life

How to Overcome Trauma and Improve in Love and Life

Most of us have faced some traumas in our life, and these can manifest in our relationships, affecting who we partner with and how the relationship works out. In our new interview, we spoke with Riana Milne about how you can identify and overcome traumas and improve in love and life. Riana is a licensed mental health counselor, certified mindfulness coach, and clinical trauma professional. She has over 20 years of experience helping all ages heal from various types of adverse events or trauma.

Our discussion begins with an overview of adverse childhood traumas, or ACEs. Approximately 90% of people have experienced at least one or two ACEs. Riana describes some of the most common ones.

She then reveals how these childhood traumas can lead to adult toxic behavioral patterns. These toxic behaviors often end up sabotaging relationships.

What if you have a past trauma? What if it’s now manifesting by negatively impacting your relationships? Riana describes the signs to look for, but know that they can include unconscious emotional triggers and behaviors.

How do you overcome these childhood traumas, emotional triggers, and negative behaviors? Working with a coach, like Riana, can be the best path forward. Riana reveals how she helps her clients and what kind of transformation people can expect to see after working with her.

Riana Milne - adverse child trauma

More From Riana Milne

If you’d like to learn more about Riana Milne, be sure to check out her official website. There, you can find the four free love quizzes she mentioned in our interview with her.

You can also pick up her free e-book. Riana has published two additional books, Love Beyond Your Dreams and Live Beyond Your Dreams. Learn more about the two books here.

Finally, be sure to check out Riana’s podcast, Lessons in Life & Love.

All of this is available on Riana’s app. Get it from the App Store or Google Play.

Are you ready to learn more about childhood traumas, how they affect your relationships, and how to overcome them? Listen to our interview with Riana Milne in the podcast below:

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