What is Emotional Eating and How Can You Overcome It? -- Renée Jones

What is Emotional Eating and How Can You Overcome It?

Many of us struggle with our weight, sometimes leading to lower confidence or insecurity about our appearance. Why is it so hard to maintain a specific weight? For many, it comes down to emotional eating. We spoke with Renée Jones about this and how she has developed a method that tackles that fundamental issue. After 40 years of trying various diets, she has unlocked a process to move past triggers, end self-sabotage, and maintain your goal weight.

First, we dive into why people overeat, and how emotions can play into it. Renée describes the symptoms of emotional eating and how it’s likely to manifest.

She then talks about the kinds of experiences or relational dynamics that can lead to emotional eating. You may have been in a particular situation or relationship that spurred this reaction in how you eat.

While you can’t change the past, you can work to overcome it and retrain your brain. This is where Renée comes in. She works with clients to unearth the reasons behind their emotional eating, and, moreover, rewrite those reactions.

Finally, our podcast interview ends with a discussion of the “epidemic of low self-worth,” how our society can negatively (and positively!) impact it, and how that relates to emotionally eating.

Overcome Emotional Eating - HANG

Before we dive into the full podcast, be sure to learn more about Renée Jones and overcoming your eating habits here. She offers courses, a book, and one-on-one coaching.

She also has a special gift for you! Find out what it is here.

Do you want to learn more about emotional eating? Listen to our full interview with Renée Jones in our podcast below:

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