10 Creative Ways to Make Virtual Meetings More Fun

10 Creative Ways to Make Virtual Meetings More Fun

Most of us have been using virtual meetings a lot more this year, for obvious reasons. But how we can make our work Zoom calls more fun and memorable? Our returning guest Trina L. Martin joined us to share some creative ideas to spice up your professional meetings this holiday season.

Find out how you can liven up your professional virtual meetings this year in the podcast below:

The last time we spoke with Trina, we discussed how to get the most from your multiple work systems – especially now that so many of us are working from home. We talked about connecting on Zoom calls with everyone from your co-workers to your family members.

Today, we build on that conversation to uncover fun ways to make connect with your colleagues over virtual meetings. First, we thought up unique ways to make work meetings more engaging and increase participation in them – even though they’re virtual. It might seem difficult to keep engagement up with all the home distractions and our ability to mute ourselves and turn off our cameras. However, if we’re creative, we can keep our colleagues’ attention and encourage active participation.

Next, we shared ideas on how we can get that socializing aspect in, even when we’re all working from our separate homes. Just because we’re all in different locations doesn’t mean we can’t let loose and have a good time with our co-workers! Believe it or not, we can still have a nice holiday party via Zoom.

Many of these ideas are geared towards the end-of-the-year atmosphere of December, but most of them can be adapted year-round. Try them out and let us know how they went! And please share any ideas you have – we’d love to hear them and incorporate them ourselves!


To learn more about Trina L. Martin, be sure to visit her official website. You can schedule a call with her to work directly with her. Trina also hosts the Trina Talk podcast, and wrote the incredible book, From a Mess to Amazing: 7 Steps to Create the Life You Deserve.

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