How Professionals Can Stay Focused Even When Work and Life Get Chaotic

How Professionals Can Stay Focused Even When Work and Life Get Chaotic

We all live in a busy world, from our stressful jobs to our generally hectic schedules. How can professionals – from entrepreneurs and CEOs to interns and entry-level workers – stay focused even when amidst the chaos of work? We spoke with Pragito Dove about how meditation can unlock that focus. From relieving us of stress to inspiring a sense of serenity, mediation can rejuvenate us. This then translates to better attention, more energy, and renewed creativity. We can all benefit from some daily meditation.

To find out how meditation can make you more focused at work, watch our podcast with Pragito Dove below:

Pragito Dove is a global authority on Expressive Meditation and founder of the #1 Expressive Meditation Training School in North America. An internationally recognized Author, Hypnotherapist, Coach, and Speaker with over 20 years experience, Pragito helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and CEOs align their mindset to allow more peace, time, and financial freedom. She shows you how to change your money blueprint, recondition your mind for automatic abundance, and use Spiritual Laws to create real world success. Her new book, Lunchtime Enlightenment: Expressive Meditations for Manifesting Peace, Prosperity, and Passion, was published in August 2020.

To begin our discussion, Pragito reveals how she first got into expressive meditation and hypnotherapy. As she describes, she had a difficult childhood, and the challenges continued into her early adulthood. She felt like an emotional wreck, and after having a baby boy, she felt that she needed to heal herself so as not to pass on the trauma to her son. Pragito and her baby son traveled to India, and there she learned about a range of expressive meditations.

These meditations had such a positive impact on her that Pragito decided to share the knowledge herself. She started her meditation and hypnotherapy business in California and soon had a six-figure book deal. Despite starting from a personal standpoint herself, Pragito now focuses her therapies on CEOs and entrepreneurs. Leaders and teachers can benefit greatly from her training.

Needless to say, all workers have lives outside the workplace. How can we stay calm amidst the chaos of work projects, family, friends, personal struggles, and all the other parts of our messy lives? As Pragito describes, we largely live in our heads, and this can amplify our stress. But instead of staying in our heads, we should be focused more on our hearts and our emotional health. Our bodies are always in the present, but our minds are often elsewhere, whether in the future (thinking about your to-do list, for example) or in the past. Meditation helps us stay in the now and be focused on what we’re doing in the present.

Pragito describes several types of meditations. And you may be incorporating some of these valuable techniques already! During her conversation with Pragito, Lynn is surprised to learn that something she regularly does is actually a form of meditation!

Especially in our modern world, there’s a lot to take in, making our minds busier than ever. For a busy mind that never stops, meditation can help greatly in calming thoughts. It allows for a sense of peace and openness, which in turn makes it easier to tackle big projects. The serenity that meditation fosters can make for a more focused and energized mind.

Before we end our discussion, Pragito shares a few final tips taken from her recent book, Lunchtime Enlightenment. It centers on one mantra: “I am my #1 priority.” This means that, more important than anything else, we must take care of ourselves first. When at work, make sure to take mini breaks to clear your mind. When it’s time for your lunch hour, actually use that time as a break from work. Don’t eat at your desk! Instead, practice mindful eating and really savor your meal. We all have mind fatigue, and it’s imperative that we give our brains a break. This is how we nurture ourselves.

Learn how to meditate properly for better focus and success. Listen to our podcast with Pragito below:

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Finally, be sure to pick up her recent book, Lunchtime Enlightenment: Expressive Meditations for Manifesting Peace, Prosperity, and Passion.

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