4 Mastery Secrets to Be a More Effective Human Being - with Marcia Martin

4 Mastery Secrets to Be a More Effective Human Being

You’d think it would be easier, but it’s not! Being a human is hard. Being an effect human is even harder. How can you hone your skills to be more present, confident, and content in your life? How can you let go of the burdens and get on with really living? We spoke Marcia Martin, an expert in transformational leadership and communication, about the four secrets to mastering this thing called being human.

Watch our podcast with Marcia Martin to learn how you can be a more effective human being:

Marcia Martin is CEO and Executive Trainer of Marcia Martin Productions, LLC, an executive training firm specializing in transformational leadership training and communication arts technology; and creator of both the Power of Speaking Seminars and Talk This Way for Success Programs designed to teach masterful communication and powerful leadership skills. She is renowned as one of the top transformational trainers and executive and life coaches worldwide in the arenas of championship performance, relationship coaching, communication mastery, and public speaking; and she has personally trained over 300,000 individuals and corporate executives around the globe to be more effective human beings and leaders. Committed to creating global transformational impact, Marcia focuses on Executive Training, Organizational Cultural Development, Communication Mastery, and Mindset Shift; she created the Marcia Martin Membership Club – a digital video and audio library of her workshops, podcasts, seminars, speaking engagements, and keynotes designed to accelerate human leadership and personal growth. 

Understanding Yourself

To begin our conversation, Marcia walked us through her remarkable journey to where she is now. From an inspirational family member to a life-changing career connection, Marcia’s path has led her to some valuable lessons, which she now shares with her clients.

Marcia talks about the art of living in the moment and staying grounded in the here and now. So often we’re caught up in what’s next, but to be more present is to be more formidable. From how you react or respond to the way you listen, there is everyday magic in the way you perceive and interact. What is the process for being an effective human being? One piece that Marcia mentions is meditation and welcoming stillness.

Later, Marcia discusses the kinds of obstacles we all face on our way to being at one with ourselves. She talks about being willing to truthfully admit where you are right now, as well as the power of language and choice.

This whole podcast is a wealth of wisdom. Tune in for all of Marcia’s inspiring tips for a fulfilling life.

Listen to our full conversation with Marcia for more:

To learn more, check out Marcia Martin’s official website here. Be sure to join her Club as well! You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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