How You Turn Each of Your Podcasts Into Ideal Client Magnets! - Josh Tapp

How You Turn Each of Your Podcasts Into Ideal Client Magnets!

Podcasting is an excellent way to reach new customers, connect with your followers, and share valuable information and conversations around your area of expertise. But podcasting is a tough game, and it’s hard to reach your audience when you’re just starting out. How can you transform each of your episodes into ideal client magnets? We spoke with podcast expert Josh Tapp about how to add more value to your podcasts and attract your customers.

Watch our interview with Josh Tapp to find out how to reach your perfect clients via podcasting:

Host of the Apple iTunes Top 25 Marketing and Entrepreneurship Podcast, The Lucky Titan, Josh Tapp has worked with over 1000 of the world’s top entrepreneurs discovering their most coveted business success secrets and sharing them with the world. 

His company, Podcast Multipliers, has helped over 750 entrepreneurs (and counting) to launch, monetize, and scale their own industry-leading podcasts, and has generated millions of dollars in sales for his own company Podcast Multipliers. 

Leveraging the Podcast Multiplier Method, Josh has closed multiple six-figure deals, purchased a multimillion-dollar business with no money down, and given a keynote speech in front of a group of billionaire tech investors on the power of podcast multipliers. 

Josh loves to share his simple method on how to get an additional 10,000 to 50,000 eyeballs on a business each week even if you haven’t ever posted on social media…and he gives the entire process away for free!

Our conversation starts with what inspired Josh to get into podcasting. How did find his way to podcasting, and how does he help other podcasters in making “ideal client magnets” out of each episode? Josh shares his background and how he got so good at podcasting. He also goes into the process he uses to make each episode shine and what other podcasters can implement, too.

From there, Josh reveals the kinds of setbacks and hurdles he’s faced and how he’s overcome these obstacles. All of us face difficulties along the way, and Josh identifies some struggles podcasters may encounter. Moreover, he shares how they can move past these obstacles on their way to greater success.

We end our conversation with some tips you can put in place now to turn your podcasts into ideal client magnets.

How can your podcasts become ideal client magnets? Listen to our conversation with Josh to find out:

To learn more about Josh Tapp and his businesses, visit the official websites for The Lucky Titan and Podcast Multipliers. You can also follow him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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