How Grief and Holidays Collide- Tools for Hope and Clarity - Maryann Udel

How Grief and Holidays Collide: Tools for Hope and Clarity

Many of us have lost loved ones, and those who have know that the grief never fully fades. For many, holidays can be particularly difficult to face without your loved one by your side. How can you keep traditions alive without them? How can you feel happy without them there to celebrate with you? We spoke with Maryann Udel about the unique intersection of grief and holidays. She offers advice on how to cope through merry seasons when we’re still grieving our loss.

Watch our podcast with Maryann Udel for more on navigating grief and holidays:

Maryann Udel was unexpectedly introduced to the world of grief at the age of 24 when her husband died in an automobile accident. Overnight she went from being a young wife to a young widow. Without the assistance of the internet, social media, or formal support groups, Maryann found a way to live, laugh, love, find joy, and thrive. 

In 2015, Maryann proudly launched Sheltering Tree to formalize and share the lessons she learned about loss. Now as a certified Life and Business Coach, experienced in managing individual and corporate loss, Maryann guides individuals and/or businesses through major transitions. Whether it’s assisting a business restructure, leading her Reclaim Your Life Mastermind group, or working with individuals dealing with the death of a loved one, an illness, a divorce, a breakup, or job loss – Maryann helps them make peace with the past and live fully in the present, so that they can embrace the promise of their future.

Maryann starts our podcast with her own experiences with grief. When she was only 24, her husband died in an automobile accident, making her a young widow. Maryann shares about this difficult time and how it inspired her to help others through the process of mourning a loved one.

Most of us have heard of the seven stages of grief. Indeed, it’s common to move through those stages in the aftermath of loss. But how can you move forward and find happiness again? Maryann describes her process for honoring the loved one you’ve lost and finding a way to live – fully and with some joy – in the years that follow.

You may face obstacles on this journey. For many, it can feel like a betrayal to the dearly departed to live without them. Maryann offers support in how to overcome the internal and external blocks on the path to regaining hope and clarity. Especially in the holiday season, it’s helpful to find balance between grief and celebration.

We end our conversation with some timely tips on how to navigate grief and holidays as we approach Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and more.

Listen to our podcast for a timely discussion of holidays and loss:

To learn more, check out Maryann Udel’s official website for Sheltering Tree. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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