Surprising Myths About Jewelry, Your Confidence, & Fascinating Style

Surprising Myths About Jewelry, Your Confidence, & Fascinating Style

We all like a little sparkle. Jewelry is an amazing way to show off your style and boost your confidence with a bit of shine. The key to finding your perfect pieces is to find the styles that work for you. We spoke with gemologist Jill Lewis about myths, designs, and secrets of the trade.

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Jill has jewelry in her blood. She worked in her parents’ jewelry store during college, attended the Gemological Institute of America in California, and then went to Europe to study jewelry design.

In 1997, Jill opened J. Lewis Jewelry, where she served clients by appointment only. 

Today, her retail store features a showroom with a custom jewelry creation studio. Jill takes pride in offering pieces customers can’t find elsewhere — 80 percent of merchandise in the store is custom-made!

Gems of wisdom for building your collection

Despite initially wanting to forge her own path, Jill couldn’t deny that she shared her parents’ passion for jewelry. After completing her training, she began her own business, which quickly grew. Today, she loves having the opportunity to update pieces she made for clients decades ago. She is also inspired by trends in the jewelry scene, unique gemstones, and the unique desires of her clients. And did you know that international politics affect the types of gems you can get?

Jill cautions against buying jewelry at chain retailers. She warms that the sales staff don’t receive training and therefore aren’t aware of the quality of the pieces they’re selling. With these chain stores, quantity is valued over quality. Instead, Jill advises speaking with a gemologist, like herself, who has a real understanding of gemstones and how they behave in the world. For example, emeralds are very soft and likely to be scratched!

If you have gemstones that you would like to use in a piece, Jill suggests bringing the stones to a designer. They will measure the gem and help you envision a design it can fit into. If you’re starting from scratch – no stones – think about the sort of designs you like. Search for images of jewelry design for your desired piece, such as a pendant or ring, and desired style, like Art Deco. Bring the images you collect to your designer, and they will work with you to create the perfect piece for you!

Listen to this episode to find out the secrets of jewelry

To learn more, check out Jill’s official website here. You can also connect with THEM on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Yelp.

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