Doing All the Work

Doing All the Work

Written By:

Lynn Whitbeck

My sales job requires a lot of extra hours, at night and on weekends. I can’t keep up without overworking. I feel like I’m doing all the work. How do I approach management to get some balance back in my life? – Martina in Corpus Christi, Texas


Martina, is there another sales person who appears to have achieved a good balance? If so, ask them to lunch – your treat! Ask them how they do it. What tips and advice can they share? Don’t be negative, complain, or whine. Be proactive and open to new ideas and ways to accomplish your tasks.

Another key step is to make the time, an hour or so, to review your processes and tools. How can you improve? What can be done differently or eliminated? This is a great opportunity to include a colleague who also feels overwhelmed. Keep it positive and brainstorm. Shake up your paradigm so you can see alternative possibilities.

If you try these and you still need balance, talk to your manager. Ask for their advice and insight. How do they do it? Remember to keep your approach positive and proactive. You want to be more effective. A good manager will recognize that we all need time to recharge our batteries to perform our best.


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