How to be Yourself and Even Weird at Work

How to be Yourself and Even Weird at Work

Happiness. It’s something we all strive for, and yet it can be so elusive in our hectic lives. Luckily, business coach and author Penny Castle may have unlocked the secret to happiness. We recently spoke to her about finding workplace joy in our new podcast interview. Penny reveals how being authentic – and even weird – can transform you.

Penny kicks off the interview with advice on whether you should stay in your current position or leave it in pursuit of your dream job. She then reveals her five steps to finding happiness at work, regardless of the job you have.

Much of what Penny describes overlaps with ideas surrounding authenticity in the workplace. How can you be your authentic self – and even lead with authenticity – in your career? What if you’re a little weird? Frankly, we all are. How can you stop worrying about what others think of you and just be yourself?

Penny can confirm that by being true to herself and letting her weirdness shine, she’s found happiness. You can, too. Start by checking out Penny Castle’s book, Happier at Work: How to Love the Job You ALREADY Have. You can get your FREE copy of the book right here.

Be sure to check out Penny Castle’s official website. You’ll get to learn more about her, view her blogs and vlogs, and contact her about coaching you. Make sure you also follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

Are you ready to be your weird, authentic self and find happiness at work? Listen to our podcast interview with Penny Castle below to learn her secrets:

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