How Can You Build a Truly Impactful Culture in an Organization Today? - Amy Anderson

How Can You Build a Truly Impactful Culture in an Organization Today?

Having a good company culture is imperative in any organization today. This translates to good relations and efficiency internally, as well as better products and services provided to clients. So how can you foster an impactful culture at your workplace? We spoke with Amy Anderson, a marketing and branding expert who leads with compassion.

Watch our podcast with Amy Anderson to learn about building a truly impactful culture today:

Amy Anderson is a widely-respected and creative industry leader with MORE THAN 25 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE at brands such as Calvin Klein, Seventeen, and The New York Times Digital. As co-founder of Wild Coffee Marketing, she focuses on transforming businesses through a diverse set of disciplines and tailor-made teams.

Seeing the unique opportunity to blend creativity and data, she improves both brands and entire organizations. Amy’s specialties expand across brand strategy, creative design, digital marketing, PR, and marketing consulting. She has a track record of driving value for her clients through conceptualizing and implementing brand and growth strategies, organizing outsourced teams, and developing innovative marketing initiatives.

Building Wild Coffee from the ground up has allowed Amy to have a unique perspective of the entrepreneurial journey, especially as it relates to scaling start-ups and leading with compassion during demanding times. She drives strategy, creativity, and implementation across Wild Coffee’s client roster. As you can see, she would make an excellent guest for your next podcast episode.

Lifting Up Team Members

We start off our conversation with Amy Anderson’s background. She describes how she started her company, Wild Coffee Marketing, how they work with clients, and how her team’s internal culture has kept the company so tight-knit.

What is the process for fostering a positive and impactful culture at your organization? Amy offers some of the methods that have worked in her company and with her clients. For example, take some time in one meeting each week to celebrate your team members’ personal and professional achievements. Make people feel valued and heard, and if you’re a leader, make sure you listen.

We all encounter hurdles and setbacks on the road to success. Amy shares some of her own roadblocks and how she’s gotten around them.

Our podcast ends with Amy’s top actionable tips to creating an impactful culture and positive work environment.

Listen to our podcast with Amy for more on company culture:

To learn more, check out Amy Anderson’s official website here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn and follow Wild Coffee Marketing on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram.

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