How We Can Hold Big Corporations Accountable in Fighting Climate Change - Troy Carter & Patrick Leung

How We Can Hold Big Corporations Accountable in Fighting Climate Change

Every year, it’s becoming more and more obvious how climate change is impacting our planet. From increasingly frequent and more devastating natural disasters to horrific pollution to animals becoming endangered and going extinct, there is a lot to be concerned about. What can we each individually do to help the planet? How can we push corporations to minimize their carbon footprint and their damaging effects on climate change? On our enlightening new podcast, we spoke with Troy Carter and Patrick Leung, the co-founders of Earthshot Labs, an organization that is building the technology for planetary-scale ecological restoration.

Watch our podcast with Troy Carter and Patrick Leung to find out the big actions we can take to solve climate change:

Troy Carter is the co-founder and CEO of Earthshot Labs, which is building the technology for planetary-scale ecological restoration. Patrick Leung is the co-founder and CTO of Earthshot Labs, and was previously a senior engineer lead at Google and CTO at Two Sigma Private Investments. They are bringing the audacious scale and vision of startup methodology to the planet’s ecological and climate crisis. Together, they have focused on financing renewable energy and agriculture projects for the last six years.

To begin our discussion, Troy and Patrick tell us more about what they do and how Earthshot Labs helps the planet. They describe the incredible vision they have, the specifics of what they’re doing, and how their team works together to forge a better, cleaner future.

But let’s take a step back now. On a wider level, how should we be addressing climate change as a society? To be fair, this is a hard question to answer in broad strokes. Indeed, solving climate change requires both individual commitment and corporate commitment. Governments must make it a priority, but we also need to see a cultural shift in how we all think about our planet. Fundamentally, how can we make it so people simply and genuinely care about Earth and nature? If people truly care about our environment, they’ll be far more likely to treat it better.

So what can we do as individuals to help slow or stop climate change? Lynn offers some well-known advice: recycle more, take shorter showers, stop using plastic bags when shopping. However, Patrick and Troy offer other big ideas, too. For example, how can you use your skills to help solve climate change? Does the company you work for have a mission you, too, can stand behind? Troy and Patrick suggest working for organizations that are dedicated to helping the planet. Put you skills and passion to good use in a way that will make a greater impact.

Actions by individuals are all well and good, but we also know that it’s major corporations that are really driving climate change. What are the things large corporations must do if we want to continue to have a habitable planet? Fortunately, Troy and Patrick are optimistic about how many corporations are already changing. In recent years, many companies have publicly stated their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint and helping the planet. Patrick and Troy also indicate how businesses can be run in a more ecologically minded manner. Earthshot Labs can help organizations in this transition.

What does the future of work look like? How can organizations meet the needs of employees, the planet, and all stakeholders? As Troy and Patrick admit, it’s difficult to say what the future holds. However, with all of us focusing on bettering our planet and halting – even reversing – climate change, we’ll begin to see what is ahead of us. Part of that dovetails into our last question: They talk about the intersection of spirituality/ceremony and business. What do they mean by that, and how can businesses integrate the two? Patrick and Troy end the podcast with insight into how ceremony benefits them and Earthshot Labs and how that is something all organizations can benefit from.

To learn more about solving climate change and making your workplace a force of good for our planet, listen to our interview with Patrick and Troy below:

To find out more about Earthshot Labs, visit their official website here. You can get investment information here and join their Slack channel here. To keep up with all their latest updates, follow Earthshot Labs on Twitter.

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