How to Develop a Winning Freelancing Career

How to Develop a Winning Freelancing Career

Have you ever thought freelancing might be the right career path for you? How do you go about it and find success? We at Petite2Queen had the pleasure of speaking with Gertrude Nonterah all about what it takes to be a successful freelancer. A freelancer herself, Gertrude – Gee for short – hosts the Create & Prosper podcast, published a book called 30 Day Social Media Manager, and offers an online course, Become a Profitable Social Media Manager. On our new podcast, Gee answers all our biggest questions about how to be your own boss.

For many people, a day job isn’t enough – whether they need more of an income or crave more time. But how do you know if freelancing will be a good move for you? How do you go about starting your freelancing business? What type of content or service should you provide? How much should you focus on a particular niche?

Naturally, making any big career move will lead to an onslaught of questions. Luckily, Gee is here to help you out before you take the plunge. She talks about how you can build an audience – even without a portfolio or connections – and how to determine whether your freelancer gig is a side-hustle… or a full-time job.

Gee reveals how she started freelancing and how the journey to success evolved along the way. We can learn a lot from her experiences and lessons. She also dispels some myths and sheds light on the aspect of freelancing that doesn’t get enough attention.

Learn more about Gertrude “Gee” Nonterah on her official website here. Be sure to listen to her podcast, The Create & Prosper Show. You can also catch up with Gee on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Are you ready to learn how you can become a successful freelancer like Gee? Listen to our podcast interview below!

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