3 Strategies to Guarantee Greater Bang for Your Advertising Buck - Arman Ananian

3 Strategies to Guarantee Greater Bang for Your Advertising Buck

An important facet of sales and marketing is advertising. However, we don’t always get as much bang for our buck as we’d expect or hope. We spoke with Arman Ananian, the founder of an online ad agency, about what goes wrong and how to course correct. He shares three low-hanging strategies you can implement in your advertising to get a greater ROI and better results. 

Watch our interview with Arman Ananian to see immediate improvement in your advertising:

Arman Ananian is the founder of ArevMedia, an innovative and professional online ad agency. He has had the chance to work for some of the biggest names in online marketing, such as Frank Kern and Grant Cardone. There, Arman built ads for more than 200 companies and acquired top-level know-how on online advertising strategies. In addition to running ArevMedia, Arman also wrote an ebook, How to Get Exceptional Results on Your Advertising Campaigns

To start our conversation, Arman shares how he got into advertising and how he started ArevMedia. It’s a wonderful journey and amazing to see how Arman helps people with sales now.

Advertising can be tough and it doesn’t always have a high ROI. Why do ad campaigns sometimes have limited success? Arman explains what often goes wrong with advertising campaigns and the most common mistakes he sees. Luckily, by unlearning what not to do, we can also learn to do what does work.

Arman has three strategies that guarantee a bigger bang for your advertising buck. Here, he describes these three low-hanging strategies and how they interconnect. He outlines all three on our podcast – tune in to learn what they are! Arman also reveals how he came up with these strategies and why they work with the sales cycle. These are three sales strategies listeners will certainly want to implement right away.

Arman has a book: How to Get Exceptional Results on Your Advertising Campaigns. He shares some of the most important takeaways from it – take note, listeners! Before wrapping up our conversation, Arman also offers some final tips for our listeners.

Listen to our podcast with Arman to learn more about his three strategies:

To learn more about Arman Ananian and ArevMedia, check out their official website here. Want to read How to Get Exceptional Results on Your Advertising Campaigns? You can score the free ebook here! To keep up on all the latest ArevMedia updates, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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