How to Live a More Purpose-Filled Life Both Personally and Professionally - Gene Rice

How to Live a More Purpose-Filled Life Both Personally and Professionally

Most of us would love to lead a purpose-filled life, both personally and professionally. But how can we gain clarity on what our purpose is? How can we live in a way that honors that purpose and leads to happiness? We spoke with Gene Rice about how you can achieve a fulfilling and life and career.

Watch our podcast with Gene Rice to uncover the path to a purpose-filled life:

Gene Rice is the co-founder and Chairman of Rice Cohen International. He is a nationally recognized executive recruiter, a keynote speaker, and executive coach. Gene was recognized by as one of the hundred most influential people in the history of recruiting and has helped thousands of people capture their dream jobs. 

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Gene owned Rock and Roll clubs on Long Island featuring all original music. He then worked his way up the corporate ladder for an international Fortune 100 firm where he was promoted 5 times in 7 years and earned the title Executive of the Year. When he moved on to recruiting, he was named managing partner of the year 7 times by the largest recruiting organization at the time, MRI International.

Rice is the co-founder of the Plant a Seed Inspire a Dream Foundation, featured in People Magazine, which has helped over 700 underserved youth pursue their passions. He brings his desire to help others into all that he does.

His first book, Grad to Grown-Up, is one way he wishes to help others live a more purpose-filled life. All of Gene’s proceeds from the book will be donated to the Plant a Seed Foundation.

Outside the office, Gene lives an enriched life with his wife of 38 years, 4 children, and 4 grandchildren. He prides himself on maintaining both physical and mental health and positively impacting his community.

Gene is passionate about helping young people find this same happiness both personally and professionally. Please visit for more information. 

Finding Happiness

Kicking off our conversation, Gene discusses what inspired him to get started with helping young people find happiness – both personally and professionally. Why does he want to help others lead more purpose-filled lives? Gene also goes into the process by which he has learned to lead people to contentment.

All of us face hurdles, whether big or small. Gene reveals what has held him back and how he has overcome these obstacles. He also pinpoints some setbacks others may face and what they can do to eliminate, minimize, or get around those issues.

We end our conversation with some tips you can act upon now to achieve a more purpose-filled and happy life.

For more about happiness and purpose, listen to our podcast with Gene below:

To learn more about Gene Rice and his businesses, please visit the official websites for Grad to Grownup and Plant a Seed Foundation. You can also follow him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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