How You Can Improve Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace

How You Can Improve Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace

Prioritizing mental health and wellness fosters a positive work culture. This can lead to greater employee engagement and loyalty, which means less employee turnover. It’s a win-win! We spoke with Kevin Lombardo, President and CEO of DORN Companies, to learn more about this promising phenomenon.

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Kevin is the President and CEO of DORN Companies. He drives workplace safety and ergonomic excellence across Fortune 500 manufacturers, airlines, aerospace, service industries, and municipalities. 

Pioneering on-site and virtual solutions that significantly reduce ergonomic-related injuries, Kevin and his team consistently deliver annual savings exceeding $18 million to their valued clients while achieving a remarkable 50+% reduction in injuries. This equates to an impressive 500%+ annual ROI!

Total Worker Health

Kevin was inspired by the Total Worker Health program by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). This holistic approach to worker health, along with the COVID-19 pandemic, brought mental health and wellness to the fore.

DORN promotes worker wellness at their client companies by empowering workers through engagement and education. This helps eTmployees look out for each other. This mutual support creates a cultural shift to a workforce that cares about one another.

Mental health struggles among workers have long been a blind spot for companies. However, the COVID-19 pandemic brought these topics into the light. Now is the time to focus on employee wellness.

Kevin encourages listeners to do two things in the coming days: 1. Learn more about NIOSH’s Total Worker Health program. Understand its framework and the research that supports it. 2. Bring up conversations of mental health and wellness at your board meeting, executive meeting, or wherever else you have the ears of higher-ups. Do your part to bring holistic health to your workers!

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To learn more, check out DORN’s official website here. You can also find them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. They also have a fascinating white paper! Finally, you can connect with Kevin himself on LinkedIn.

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