How TEDx Can Help Grow Your Business—Before You Ever Set Foot On Stage! - Cathlyn Melvin

How TEDx Can Grow Your Business—Before You Ever Set Foot On Stage!

One of the make-it-or-break-it goals of a business is to garner interest and traction. Indeed, in order to make a sale, you first need clients. For many, it helps to get in front of an audience and share your knowledge. A TEDx stage may be the perfect platform, and it can help grow your business, even before you’ve set a foot on stage! How is this so, and how can you maximize your TEDx experience? We spoke with Cathlyn Melvin, a TEDx coach, on how to make the most of your presentation.

Watch our podcast with Cathlyn Melvin to learn how TEDx can help grow your business:

Cathlyn Melvin is a TEDx coach and copywriter whose insight has been featured via TEDx, Thrive Global, Fempreneur Online, The Writing Cooperative, and other outlets. 

With a degree in theatre performance and over a decade as an actor, director, writer, editor, and educator, Cathlyn draws on her diverse experiences to help mission-driven experts design and deliver their world-changing messages through TEDx coaching and done-for-you copywriting services. 

When she’s not writing or coaching, you might find Cathlyn baking something delicious made of chocolate or reading in the sunshine with her very snuggly and loudly purring cat, Tucker.

Share Your Knowledge

We begin our conversation with Cathlyn’s storied career path. She began in theater, earning a degree and then spending more than a decade acting, directing, writing, and more. How did Cathlyn decide to pivot into helping people change the world through public speaking? She explains her career shift and her passion for helping people on their TEDx journey.

Cathlyn walks us through the process of it all, starting with how to determine if TEDx is a good fit for you. If so, how do you prepare? What should you say—what will most benefit your listeners? Moreover, how will this ultimately lead to your own business’s growth? Cathlyn shares how she helps clients work through these steps and make the most of their stage time.

We all face setbacks, obstacles, and even internal doubt. Many people have a fear of public speaking, which can further hold you back in even deciding to go onto the TEDx stage. Cathlyn offers her advice on how to work around the hurdles, whether internal or external.

To end our discussion, Cathlyn leaves us with her actionable tips on how to grow your business via the TEDx platform.

Listen to our podcast with Cathlyn to learn all about sharing your wisdom and attracting new clients:

To learn more, check out Cathlyn Melvin’s official website for Right Cat Creative. You can also connect with Cathlyn on LinkedIn and follow Right Cat Creative on Facebook and Instagram.

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