Why Planning and Producing Virtual Events Unlock Your Business Growth - Anna Andrea Martinez

Why Planning and Producing Virtual Events Unlock Your Business Growth

Virtual events have been on the rise in recent years, and not just because of the pandemic. Like in-person events, they can be an excellent way to connect with others and grow your business. However, virtual events have the added benefit of being accessible to people far and wide – anyone can attend, regardless of where they are. How can you plan and produce virtual events for your business? We spoke with Anna Andrea Martinez about how to create memorable experiences.

Watch our podcast with Anna Andrea Martinez to learn all about the magic of virtual events:

Anna Andrea Martinez is on a mission to create fun irresistible experiences that make a profit and an impact in this world. 

Anna Andrea was born and raised in El Salvador. She is an award-winning professional event planner with an Event Planning degree from Universidad de Palermo. She has over 12 years of experience in planning and producing events.

Anna Andrea started her digital marketing business in 2015. Learned to design, build websites, funnels, and created courses to help entrepreneurs in Spanish and English. She became a chatbot expert in 2018 and by 2019 decided to become an Agency Partner with Manychat. 

Automation can be fun but she quickly realized her main passion was in events so Anna Andrea merged both her tech knowledge with events, pivoting into virtual event planning and production in 2019.

During the 2020 pandemic and lockdowns, the events industry had to choose between canceling or pivoting to online. This was when Anna Andrea had an epiphany on how to make better events online and how to create impact globally with her 555 irresistible virtual events formula. You can get a copy of her workbook for FREE by going to her agency’s website irresistiblemarketinglab.com.

We kick off our conversation with Anna Andrea’s background, from growing up in El Salvador to working in digital marketing to becoming an event planning expert. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Anna Andrea unlocked the process to hosting incredible events, even in the virtual setting. She now helps clients develop online events that are just as impactful as their in-person counterparts.

Of course, not everyone is on board with events being virtual. Anna Andrea has faced some internal and external roadblocks, and offers advice on how you can get around them, just as she did. Sometimes the world shifts and what you’re offering suddenly makes a lot more sense on a wider scale. Others, you have to find your own niche and who your product or service appeals to. But whatever the obstacles, you can move past them and find success.

To close out on our conversation, Anna Andrea shares her tips on how to organize the best virtual events, leading to happy attendees and greater business growth.

Listen to our podcast with Anna Andrea for more about online event success:

To find out more about Anna Andrea Martinez and The Irresistible Marketing Lab, visit the official website here. You can join the Irresistible Events Club here. Keep up with all of her latest updates on Instagram and connect with her on LinkedIn. And be sure to pick up her Create Irresistible Virtual Events 90-day planner here.

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