The 3-Step Approach You Need to Improve Your Online Presence

The 3-Step Approach You Need to Improve Your Online Presence

Every organization and business needs to be visible if they want to attain long-term success. But getting that traction can be difficult, especially early on. How can you increase your online presence? We spoke with Jessica Morrison, an SEO expert for small businesses. She offers her advice on our new podcast, including the three-step approach that will help lift up your organization’s visibility.

Are you eager to improve your online presence? Watch our podcast with Jessica Morrison to gain the tools you need:

Jessica Morrison is an SEO expert for small businesses. She helps business owners get greater online visibility and higher search engine rankings within their local market. Jessica has over twenty years of experience working with multimillion dollar companies in marketing, business development, sales, and influencer marketing, with companies including Pfizer, Walmart, prAna, Stonyfield, and BJ’s Wholesale.

We kick off our discussion with the winding path that led to Jessica becoming an SEO expert. As she explains, although she studied Spanish literature in college, she ended up working in pharmaceuticals. Meanwhile, Jessica also started a WordPress lifestyle blog, and that was her fast track to gaining hands-on experience with SEO. She learned the skills that helped propel her website’s visibility. Now, she uses that background to help other small businesses with their online presence.

Why does increasing online visibility require a three-step approach? What are those three steps? Jessica describes how SEO works, including the pillars of information it pulls from. What can make SEO daunting is just how many elements impact your score. Jessica breaks it down here, helping us navigate the three main items you need to focus on.

From there, we dive into some of the more nitty-gritty details of SEO. First, how can someone optimize their website to help rank higher on search engines? Indeed, getting your website to appear on the first page of Google is the goal, but it takes time and effort to get it there. How can you optimize your SEO – the right way – to improve your visibility?

What about social media? Most small businesses will (and should!) have at least one social media account, whether that’s LinkedIn or Instagram or anything else. Why is social media so important for your SEO? How can you ensure your content is being shared far and wide across the social platforms?

Another common question regarding SEO is how often you should be working on it. Is this something you need to do daily? Maybe just weekly or monthly? Jessica shares her advice, and trust us, keeping up on it will do wonders for your online presence. Not only that, you’ll see how manageable SEO truly is, even for a small business.

Listen to our podcast with Jessica below to learn all you need to know about SEO:

To learn more about Jessica Morrison, visit her official website here. You can also follow her on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to keep up with all her latest updates.

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