How to Answer Tough Questions and Keep Your Cool

How to Answer Tough Questions and Keep Your Cool

We’ve all encountered some surprisingly tough questions from time to time. How do you answer a curve-ball question in an interview and still get the job offer? What do you say when you and your boss don’t see eye to eye on an important matter? Both Lynn and author Tikiri have been there, and they know how it feels to be in these uncomfortable situations. In their new interview – the first of an upcoming series of discussions between them – Lynn and Tikiri share their best tips to not only answer these tough questions, but also keep your cool while doing so!

Check out their full interview video below:

Looking for more help with difficult questions? Look no further! Below you can download our FREE guide so you always have Lynn and Tikiri’s tips handy. It comes with all their tricks as well as Lynn’s full PICKLE resource.

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Remember, this is just the first of many Lynn and Tikiri interviews coming up. There will be plenty more where this came from! Keep checking back here for all the latest work advice and resources. From tough questions to the #MeToo movement’s effect on the workplace, Lynn and Tikiri will be back with more handy interviews in the coming months.

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