Virtual Meetings, Real Connections: How to Rock Your Video Calls

Virtual Meetings, Real Connections: How to Rock Your Video Calls

Just a few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of speaking with Robin Sacks, a confidence coach, about how we can all be more sure of ourselves and in a better position for career success. Today, she returns for another topic that is undeniably prevalent nowadays. We all know that virtual meetings have become ubiquitous in the past 16 months. How can we make the most of them and still create real connections on our video calls? Robin shares some of her best tips in our new podcast.

Watch our podcast with Robin Sacks below to learn how you can rock your virtual meetings and foster strong connections:

Robin Sacks is a confidence/performance coach, professional speaker, author, and motivator. She has facilitated personal and professional development workshops internationally for companies including Microsoft, Panera, and American Greetings. Her professional experience also includes being an on-air talent for NBC and ABC network affiliates. As an award-winning journalist, she has also trained Emmy award nominees and an Emmy award winner. Her coaching clients range from young athletes to Fortune 500 executives. Robin’s book, Get Off My Bus!: How to Get Clarity, Get in the Driver’s Seat, and Get Moving in Your Life!, was nominated for Small Business Trends’ Small Business Book of 2010.

Virtual meetings have become commonplace and inescapable recently, especially during the pandemic in the past year and a half. Most of us – all of us? – have been on our fair share of Zoom calls, Skype meetings, and so on, primarily for work, but also for general socializing. But how have we really adapted to our virtual landscape? How has it changed the ways we expect to interact with others? What will the lasting effects be, even as we start to open up and return to “normal”? Robin shares her observations and ideas.

We also dive into a scary topic: public speaking. How is it different in a virtual setting versus an in-person setting? In what ways can public speaking be easier or harder on video calls? Robin offers valuable insights here, including tips on how to rock your public speaking, regardless of the venue.

It can be hard to develop your skill as an engaging speaker. Much of it comes down to building up confidence and practicing a lot. But a lot of what makes you engaging is how you read the room and interact with your audience. How can you ensure that you’re an engaging speaker during virtual meetings? When you lack certain audience cues and reactions, how do you know how well you’re doing? How do you keep their interest? Listen to our podcast for Robin’s best tips on this!

Ultimately, with interaction of any kind, we want to make connections. That often comes naturally in in-person settings, but how do you foster those connections through a virtual forum? And on a related note, how can we get the most out of virtual meetings and webinars moving forward into a post-COVID world? We end our discussion here, with Robin’s wisdom, advice, and insights.

Are you ready to make the most of your video calls? Listen to our podcast with Robin to get started!

To find out more about Robin Sacks, visit her official website here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn. And of course, be sure to read Robin’s book, Get Off My Bus!: How to Get Clarity, Get in the Driver’s Seat, and Get Moving in Your Life!

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