Don't Be A Hater - How to Network with Confidence

Don’t Be A Hater! How to Network with Confidence

Of all the numerous aspects related to advancing your career, networking is perhaps the most reviled. So many of us truly hate networking, and avoid it at all costs. We feel awkward at networking events, shyly hiding on the sidelines or clinging to the only person you know. But what if we told there’s another way? In a new video interview, Lynn and Tikiri shared their best tips on how to network with confidence – and actually enjoy doing it!

You might be skeptical, and that’s totally understandable. But Lynn and Tikiri didn’t always love and excel at networking. In fact, they were both haters back in the day. They were shy, nervous, not sure what to say. But both were determined to improve this skill, and with a bit of practice and inspiration – in Lynn’s case, from Debra Fine’s The Fine Art of Small Talk – they sure did improve!

Lynn shares her top 6 tips, which you can remember as WONDER. Tikiri also has a 4-step process that will help you in building new relationships. Between them, these 10 tips will lead you to network with confidence in no time.

Ready to hear about Lynn and Tikiri’s journey towards networking superstardom? Watch their interview below, and you’ll be a champion networker, too.

Throughout the interview, Lynn and Tikiri shared 10 tips to overcome your fear of networking. Check out this short video to get a reminder on those 10 tips:

Want more info on Tikiri’s 4 steps? Click the image below to get her full PDF resource guide!

Rebel Diva Networking Tips - A Rebel Diva infographic Tikiri Herath

Get a little extra networking inspiration with our playlist all about socializing. You should also read Chapter 7 of our book, Practical Wisdoms @ Work, which is all about how to network.

Every month, Lynn and Tikiri team up for a new interview about navigating your profession. Be sure to watch their first three interviews, about answering tough questions (while keeping your cool), handling tricky situations with grace, and how the #MeToo movement is actually promising better work. Check back here every month for their latest interview full of advice and anecdotes.

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