7 Colossal Ways #MeToo is Promising Better Work

7 Colossal Ways #MeToo is Promising Better Work

In the past two years, the #MeToo movement has become ubiquitous, and its presence has had a marked impact on the workplace and company cultures. Indeed, the movement’s effects have been undeniable, and we’ve seen major changes changes in the workplace – both from a management level and from the employee level. Thanks to #MeToo, we’re actually seeing promise of better work. Don’t believe us? Ask Lynn and Tikiri. In a new interview, the duo talked about seven of the biggest ways #MeToo has changed work life.

What do we mean by better work? As Lynn and Tikiri discuss, #MeToo has brought important experiences and concerns to the forefront. People are now more aware of issues surrounding harassment and sexism, meaning they can be more sensitive in regards to their own actions, but also more alert to how they see others behave. Companies are also developing stricter policies to protect employees, and better prepared to enforce them. Speaking up is so important in spurring change, and that is exactly what the #MeToo movement has done.

While the #MeToo movement came from an unfortunate place of harassment, abuse, and worse, it has paved the way for an improved future and better work now.

Watch Lynn and Tikiri’s interview about #MeToo and its positive effects on the workplace below:

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