3 Ways Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs Do Business Differently - Jonathan Stewart

3 Ways Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs Do Business Differently

It is estimated that between 15 and 20 percent of the world’s population is neurodivergent, a term which includes those with autism spectrum disorder, ADD or ADHD, dyslexia, Tourette syndrome, and more. Many who are neurodivergent become excellent leaders and even start their own businesses. How do neurodivergent entrepreneurs do business differently? What unique perspectives and skills set them apart? We spoke with Jonathan Stewart, a neurodivergent entrepreneur who helps leaders like him build the business that works for them.

Watch our podcast with Jonathan Stewart about neurodivergent entrepreneurs:

Based in the UK and Founder of Simplicity Specialist, Jonathan Stewart is a neurodivergent entrepreneur, out-of-the-box business coach, systems specialist, and a Notion Certified Consultant dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build a business that works for them — helping them break free of traditional business advice and finding joy in their business. Along with that, Jonathan hosts two must-listen podcasts, Working Well in Business and Notion Nerds. He has also been featured on the popular podcast What Works with Tara McMullin and was a guest speaker at the recent Introvertprenuer Summit. 

Over the last decade, through his love of psychology, the study of human nature, and teaching guitar lessons, Jonathan realized the traditional business model doesn’t work for everyone. He has used that knowledge and experience to educate hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to break the mold and make their businesses work with them rather than against them through finding the right tools and systems.

3 Unique Attributes

We begin our podcast with Jonathan’s origin story. He describes his own experiences as a person who is neurodivergent and his career path, from teaching guitar lessons to learning more about psychology. A few years ago he founded Simplicity Specialist, and he has since coached hundreds of business owners.

All of us have our unique ways of doing business and staying productive. What sets neurodivergent entrepreneurs apart? Jonathan discusses the three things he’s noticed that differ from those who are neurotypical. Of course, the specifics depend upon a person’s particular neurospiciness, as Jonathan affectionately refers to it. A person who is autistic won’t necessarily think or act the same as someone who is dyslexic or someone with ADHD. Nonetheless, three main behaviors stand out to give neurodivergent entrepreneurs their special superpowers.

As a business owner who is neurodivergent, you may experience obstacles to leading your team and running your organization. Whether it’s self-doubt or miscommunication between colleagues or any other kind of roadblock, there are tools to get around it. The better you understand and trust yourself, the better that will translate in your business.

Our conversation ends with what you can do as a neurodivergent entrepreneur to own your unique skill set with pride.

Listen to our podcast with Jonathan for more about neurodiversity among entrepreneurs:

To learn more, check out Jonathan Stewart’s official website for Simplicity Specialist. Be sure to tune into his podcast, too. You can also connect with Simplicity Specialist on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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