Why an Innovative Mindset Gives You More Impact and Money

Why an Innovative Mindset Gives You More Impact and Money

What’s holding you back from reaching your goals? Many of us deal with fears and self-limiting beliefs that prevent us from reaching our full potential. How do you get out of these thought loops? We spoke with mindset expert Nina Cooke to find out how you can shift your thinking and make more sales.

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Six and seven-figure entrepreneurs hire Nina to create an unstoppable mindset so they can build authority and boost their profit. Nina has worked with hundreds of established entrepreneurs, helping them to increase their income by up to 800%.

She is the co-author of Renegade Mindset: A Financial Advisor’s Guide to a Peak Performance Mindset.

Nina is the host of “Entrepreneur’s Inner Game” and “Wealthy Advisor Mindset” Podcasts.

Nina has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, on BBC Radio, and on top podcasts.  

Identifying as worthy of success

Nina begins by explaining that she stumbled into mindset work. After starting her first online business in 2005, she realized that she was limiting her growth because she was afraid to market herself. She began a journey of self-development, looking for a permanent fix for her self-limiting beliefs. When she finally shed her fears, she shifted her focus to helping other entrepreneurs overcome their own self-limiting beliefs.

An innovative mindset changes your self-identity. Believing you are worthy and deserving of success is how you get there. To get there, Nina starts by diagnosing what beliefs are holding her clients back and she helps identify the unproductive behaviors. Next, she figures out what her clients need to believe to stop repeating those unhelpful (in)actions. At this point, Nina works with the client to start planting and nurturing those beneficial beliefs.

Nina explains that many entrepreneurs aren’t interested in mindset work and prefer to focus on external changes to earn more money. However, working on the marketing and investing in new processes need a good mindset to actually function. It is the foundation of all success.

The conversation closes with Nina encouraging the listeners to forgive themselves for their self-limiting beliefs and unproductive behaviors. The first step is to identify the things that are holding you back. Being tough on yourself doesn’t help you grow, so stay positive and keep moving forward. You’ve got this!

Listen to our conversation with Nina to learn how to develop an innovative mindset

https://www.ninacooke.co.uk/renegade-book-downloadTo learn more, check out Nina’s official website here. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube. Don’t forget to grab her book and schedule a call with her!

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